American Debt Enders is one of the few Debt Relief companies that offer the “Debt Dispute” program. Our “Debt Dispute” program is by far the best program to provide maximum debt relief for our clients at the lowest cost.

Debt Dispute Program  

  • Program cost is a small percentage of the original debt 
  • Provides a dedicated ADE counselor throughout the program
  • Provides full legal support
  • Provides compensation to the client for FDCPA violations  
  • Provides complete credit restoration within 18-24 months upon completion of program
  • Aggressively disputes debt using banking and consumer protection laws in the client’s best interest.
  • Aggressively negotiates any final settlement as a last resort
  • Money back guarantee on non- settled accounts
  • Program fees are spread throughout the program

Debt Settlement Program

  • Program cost can be 70% of  the total debt or more
  • No dedicated counselor
  • Provides no legal support
  • Provides no FDCPA program
  • Provides no credit restoration
  • Settlement only approach
  • Immediately uses settlement only
  • No guarantee at all
  • Program fees are paid up front before money is applied to escrow

Debt Consolidation Program

  • Usually costs more than the original debt
  • Issues a new loan with new interest over a long period of time.  Often referred to as the “Pay for Life” program.