No doubt this article will date me. Do you remember growing up, I grew up in Brooklyn, and having your own business at the age of 10 or so? I do, and very well. It was a lemonade business. And I did my first one as a partnership with another like minded young entrepreneur.

Of course, who has money to invest at that young age but a very few. So we went out and scouted a good location, which was right across the street from a construction location. Lots of thirsty workers at that location that summer. I think we might have even
interviewed some of the workers and asked if they would buy our lemonade.

So, we spoke to the parents to try to obtain some seed money to get this venture going. While the parents did not have a great deal of business savvy, they were smrt enough not to saddle us with heavy regulations. We were successful at presenting our business plan, and each of us got enough money to purchase the raw product, and the parents donated a big jug or two  from which to dispense the lemonade. We made signs, bought paper cups, and really had a well thought out operation.

Was the venture successful? You bet it was. We could not believe how much money we were making. The company lasted about two weeks, then we paid back the parents, and split the profits. Glorious indeed,and what an outstanding education. And we noticed that the venture really made us feel good about ourselves.

Please indulge me, and lets fast forward to today. The young people start a lemonade stand and the police show up asking for permits. No permits, no lemonade stand. Couple that with the fact that you rarely even see young people selling lemonade any more. The following is simply an innocent question, do you think President Obama ever owned a lemonade stand? I wonder how many from either party ever had a lemonade stand business experience? When I say business experience, I am not speaking about living on a trust fund set up by mommy and daddy. I am speaking about real in the trenches stuff. Are you getting the picture here? We have been sold a bill of goods, micro economics, macro economics, how about these common sense economics. If you spend more than you take in, not talking about the early days of a business venture, you will go bankrupt. If the treasury continues to print money into circulation at to fast a rate, we, as a country will go bankrupt, the money you make will be worth less and less. That is actually what real inflation is. It is not prices going up, it is the value of your money going down, which is exactly what is happening. So, what can you as an individual do to protect yourself. You can make more money, that’s number one, or you can insure you get yourself debt free. Just visit the American Debt Enders website, we can help you do both.

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