American Debt Enders is unique in that we are a Free Credit Counseling Referral Company offering Debt Relief and Self Empowering Financial Solutions and Education in a number of areas in todays complex world. A brief explanation of each specialty area follows. For more detailed information click on the links on the left of your screen or simply call us at: 1-877-766-2465.

Debt Dispute

ADE’s experts utilize the banking and consumer protection laws in order to dispute the validity of your debt. After the information about your debt has been sold to a third party you are no longer dealing with the original creditor.
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Debt Validation

A debt validation program is utilized by consumers to identify the origins of the debt and research whether the debt is valid and in accordance with the laws. It can be a cheaper alternative to debt settlement programs.
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Debt Resolution

Are you struggling to make ends meet because of the big balances on your credit cards and the increasing student debts that don’t seem to end? You’re not alone; an estimated 70% of Americans are worried about their finances, at least to some extent.
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The federal law of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) limits the actions of debt collectors when it comes to collecting specific types of debts, such as mortgages, credits cards, medical debts, and others for family or household purposes. It prevents debt collection companies from using deceptive, unfair, or abusive practices to collect debts from consumers.
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Debt Counseling

Say goodbye to worrying about money prob­lems. American Debt Enders provides individuals with the support and guidance they need to manage their finances and resolve their creditor’s issues efficiently. If you are worried about your financial situation,
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Credit Restoration

It’s amazing how many people still do not understand what credit restoration is. Credit Restoration is the process of bringing back up a low credit score. Usually after the credit score has been damaged due to either a life event or just outright neglect. Yes, if you want to be able to have a credit score that will allow you to borrow money
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Free Credit Consultation

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