American Debt Enders is unique in that we are a Free Credit Counseling Referral Company offering Debt Relief and Self Empowering Financial Solutions and Education in a number of areas in todays complex world. A brief explanation of each specialty area follows. For more detailed information click on the links on the left of your screen or simply call us at: 1-877-766-2465.

Credit Card Consolidation

Also referred to as Debt Consolidation, this program is designed to help individuals who have greater than $5000.00 in Credit Card Debt, have high interest rates and realize they are now in what is commonly referred to as a “Pay for Life Program”.

The Non-Profit Credit Card Consolidation Program will allow you to make one monthly payment at reduced interest rates and have the debt paid in full, generally, in less than 5 years.

Also, creditors will generally waive over-limit fees and re-age the account (bring it current if you were behind) after a period of 3 to 6 months of being on the program. It is not unusual for your present monthly payment to be slightly lower in a Debt Management Program than your current payments combined. This program is voluntary, there is no prepayment penalty and your participation is not a scoring component of your credit score.

Debt Settlements

The Debt Settlement Program is designed for people who are in a debt crises. It is designed to help people who have fallen seriously behind and either cannot or would prefer not to file a bankruptcy. This program is designed to allow you to settle your unsecured debts for less than what you owe, by making affordable monthly payments.

We offer 3 FTC compliant Debt Settlement Programs. The programs are designed to be affordable to you, as everyones situation is different.

Your counselor has the details of each program.

Credit Restoration

You are legally entitled to an accurate and verified credit report. It is widely held that 70% of all credit reports contain errors. The credit restoration program is through our affiliation with United Credit Education Services, a non-profit-designed to insure that inaccuracies are either corrected or removed from your credit report. We are not a “deletion mill.”

The program starts with a revue of your report and then appropriate correspondence with the credit reporting agencies and your creditors when called for. Only one counselor works on your file, and maintains contact with you throughout the process. Additionally if you would prefer to work on improving your own credit, we have provided what we believe to be the best information currently available on this process, in other areas on this website.


We are not attorneys and do not offer bankruptcy as a debt solution. If you need to find a Bankruptcy Attorney because you have determined it is your only solution. You can leave your contact information on our Bankruptcy page.