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Debra Jasmer

This company has helped me more than I imagined. I feel good knowing that there are people helping me. Everyone is nice.


Tempprest McGee

Just got off the phone with a man named John called in nervous because I got a phone call threatening legal action and being 100% honest I wasn’t educated about how the process worked. He explained it perfectly so happy I called before giving out any information or signing a contract !


Debra Jasmer

Hi, my name is Leticia and I just spoke to John. I have to THANK YOU for being a company that’s honest and not out to steal from you. Other companies just want to get you in more debt. Mr. John, God Bless him! Just gave me the best advice and didn’t cost me a cent. If you are worried about your debt, please call this company, you won’t regret it. Thank you!



John is great to work with, he always answers when you call. He makes you feel at ease.


Anonymous Customer

I appreciated the fact that he made me feel much better after going through every aspect of the program, and even if I had any questions, his personal number to contact him. He is definitely an asset to the company and grateful he is my counselor with this program.

John Corbett
October 2019

Before calling American Debt Enders my confidence in debt relief was shaky at best.
Called about four other companies and listened to virtually the same rhetoric from one to the other. Long story short, been in the program for over a year now, and any time a question arises it is met with a caring, professional response. The cost of the program is at least half of others and you may get credit card companies to pay you for pain and suffering!!
Happened that way for me.Very happy with my decision in choosing American Debt Enders, the right choice!!


Sherry Ruggiero
October 2019

I was really in a bad situation financially due to unforeseen circumstances that were really not of my husband and my doing. I had done much research to see how we could solve our debt solution and contacted various Debt Solution Companies. I finally contacted American Debt Enders and spoke with John whom I still was apprehensive about. But I also did research and read reviews about the company and decided to go with them. With other companies when I called I would constantly get different people and felt I was just a number and no personal contact. With John, I could talk to him and he truly listened and explained everything very clearly how the company works. Also when you had to submit each debt to be resolved it was very clear and simple with Heather and Rachel Rachel is excellent and works with you to your best advantage!! I am thoroughly pleased that I chose this company. I no longer have sleepless nights on how I am going to pay my bills.


James Zombola
August 2019

Steve is very trustworthy. You may be skeptical looking at your situation, but I promise you that he will do everything he can to help you. This is is the best direction you can go in. Please trust that he will do what he says and always be available for any questions that you may have.

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