If you are struggling with private student loans there is excellent help available. Because of the way in which the private student loan business operates, their is more than one way to approach a debt relief solution for them. We are going to put forth two solutions for you the consumer to choose from. And, by the way, not to toot our own horn, but this is exactly why we say, when it comes to debt relief, we did not invent it, we simply do it better.

First, to really understand why these approaches work so well, you need to know how the world of private student loans works. Here is a brief, to the point article that will explain. And not to worry, when you click the link a new window will open with the article so you will not lose your place. Here is the article on the Pvt Student Loan Industry.

Here are the two approaches. First, Private student loan debt settlement coupled with debt invalidation. If you read the previous article you now now that this lending area is somewhat chaotic. Particularly, as the loan ages and shifts to various collectors and organizations. This is a two barrel approach, if the invalidation fails, than the second settlement barrel is unloaded. This program requires the consumer to be able to afford as a monthly payment, 1% monthly of the loan amount. So, 20,000 dollars of student loan debt, would need a payment of 200 dollars per month to cover both approaches.

If, you cannot afford the 1%, then simply using the also effective debt invalidation approach can be utilized for, in some cases half of one percent.

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