Well, I am going to start this article which will definitely educate you, by republishing the following excerpt The following article excerpt comes from Credit Shield:

Discover Bank Sues On Debt it Does Not Own.

Who has experience determining ownership of accounts? I’m still looking for info on who has seen proof of ownership from Discover, proof of untruth of their affidavits. See this article: Discover Bank Sues On Debt it Does Not Own February 16th, 2010 . by wcbensley, an Attorney. For a bank to sue someone to collect a debt, the bank must own the debt. Similarly, if I was going to sue you for stealing my car, I would have to prove that I owned the car. I would have to produce a copy of the Title. Seems like simple proposition. So simple, that it is often overlooked by debtors, their attorneys, and the Courts.

This cute little tactic goes on every day and is exactly why you the debtor does not have a chance against these large institutions when you default. Or, how about you simply get something placed on your credit report in error. Better still, who is even aware that this type of stuff goes on, on a regular basis, and many other violations of consumer law designed and put in place to protect you, the consumer.

Well, my friends, at last their is hope for you the beleaguered debt ridden consumer. Article after article I read on what to do about debt problems all start with contacting the creditor or lender. This assumes that they play nice. Well, whose kidding who. They do not play nice which is why you should never take them on alone if you get into trouble. Don’t forget that these guys are collecting usually better than 20% interest in a 3% interest world. Do you really think that they are going to play nice?

So why the title. What comes after the … are the words Credit Shield. What exactly is credit shield? It is a debt validation or forensic debt audit which was approved by the FTC about 5 years ago, and is designed to take on collectors and creditors who simply do not play by the rules.

The Credit Shield system invokes the laws and statutes found in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and 8 other laws to protect you from third party debt collectors, fraudulent debt collection practices, and violations of your rights. We work with a nationwide attorney firm for collecting money for you as well when debt collectors violate your rights by calling or continuing collection without verifying the debt. The amazing thing is that it is cheaper than even debt settlement and even more, if you can take it, it is done in about half the time of debt settlement and provides for credit restoration as the final step of the program, at no additional cost! Credit Shield is both the name of the debt relief program and the name of the company which handles the processing and holds the FTC approval. Many of the methods for invalidating a debt used by Credit Shield are proprietary. I can also tell you that this program comes with a 100% money back guarantee!

So, if you find yourself struggling with debt and a low credit score, why not get a free Credit Shield quote and have the program further explained to you. Considering the 100% money back guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose.


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