How to Legally Beat Debt Collectors, American National Debt Relief and Freedom of Debt

The legal secrets that nobody will tell you…not even an attorney

In order for debt to be managed legally, there are obligations on the creditor as well as the debtor. These laws were created in order to achieve fairness in these types of transactions.  

Both sides must live up to their obligation.  In most cases the consumer is unaware of the laws and protection afforded them to remedy what can be a traumatic impediment on their lives.  

How many of you have gotten pre-approved credit cards in the mail?  In many cases, creditors precariously over extend debt to unqualified consumers which can lead to the consumer under paying the debt.  This in turn leads to high interest rates.  Even if you can afford to pay the standard payment, once interest rates start to rise, they can be as much as 24-30%.   This puts the consumer in a never ending cycle that can’t be broken in most cases.  The consumer is now trapped.

If you find yourself in these circumstances, there are reputable programs designed to help the consumer navigate through the process and have their debt eliminated.  This will help you obtain a much needed fresh start and provide you with an understanding and a clear path forward.

Five easy steps to become “Debt free” 

  1. Learn the law through talking with a reputable debt counsellor
  2. Set a goal to be “Debt Free” within 12-36 months
  3. Utilize the right company to manage and guide you through the process
  4. Execute the plan
  5. Become “Debt Free” and improve your credit score, allowing you to move forward to a new chapter in your life 

The solution

American Debt Enders is a unique “Debt Relief” company, dedicated to helping the consumer.  We are consumer advocates.  Our dedicated professionals and Unique program called “Debt Dispute” utilizes the banking and consumer protection laws to help people alleviate their debt and get a fresh start.

Let us help you end the sleepless nights and create a new beginning! 

How to Legally Beat Debt Collectors