I get it. You have gone through big stuff in your life. Divorce, Sickness, Drug Problems, Spent To Much Money,
Didn’t Make Enough Money, and on and on. So, if you call everyone that you owe money to, surely, they will understand
these problems, and give you a break. Usually, one break. That is it. They might give you Grace on your payments, once,
promise not to repossess the car, just this time. So, if you are currently in a financial hardship, I suggest you use the time to
maybe get professional absolutely free credit counseling from professionals. Not, people trying to sell you a debt relief program, but people trained to listen and then help you find a way out.

Be very careful who you call. If they sound like they are salesman, and begin selling you their program, run the other way.
If they seem like they care, and are not rushing you into something, then continue the conversation. Trust me, as someone who has been a credit counselor for over 15 years, you can tell the difference. The salesman is will sell you anything your willing to buy, whether or not it is right for you–The credit counselor will not.

So, what does all this have to do with Legal Defense for Debt Relief? If you wish to get out of debt, first, do the counseling, next,
decide which is the right program for you, and finally, enroll in the program. The last step is vital!, You must begin the process, because if you are subpoenaed into a court of law, neither the judge or the debt collector will be interested in your story of woe!

That should have been shared with the counselor. Depending on your debt situation, their are a number of different programs
which are legal and carefully designed to handle your debt problem effectively. Whether you are in collection, or trapped by Pay Day Loans at 350% interest per year, or just need to consolidate into one Monthly payment, there is a program.

Here is an example of a program called Debt Dispute, that is for people who have defaulted on their debts, and by the way,
defaulting on your debts means that you have not been paying back the money you borrowed, by the terms you agreed. Again, your
tale of woe is not at issue. A solution to get you out of the predicament is what you need to get to if you ever expect to have peace in
your life again ! The Dispute Program will get you out of debt, stop nasty or even nice creditor calls, and remove the negative items
from your credit report, and if we do not succeed, then you get your money back, so our Attorneys can settle the debt on your behalf
for a nice low settlement payment.

So, right now you should be cheering or running to the phone to call for a free credit counseling consultation.

Yours Truly,

Steven Ciantro
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