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Free Credit Counseling for Debt: 877-766-2465
Free Credit Restoration Counseling: 888-526-2661
Free Telephone Bankruptcy Counseling: 516-204-4640 (This is a National Number)
Free Student Loan Consolidation Counseling: 855-794-3425

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So, you have made your way to our free credit counseling page. That can only mean that you are seeking either debt solutions or information about Debt Settlements and perhaps even general information about a specific debt problem. In my personal credit counseling experience, when people experience a debt problem, they either just hope it will go away, or, they begin looking for information to find a way out.

Things like:

This information gathering process is what consumer credit counseling is designed to help with, and, is vital to deciding what the resolution to your problem will be. This page and the ADE website are your roadmap to debt freedom and self-empowerment.

Next, to learn more about the Debt Relief options we offer click on the “Debt Consolidation” and “Debt Settlement” links on the home page. If you are recently debt free and looking to raise your credit score, then, click on the credit restoration link, also on the home page.


Call us TOLL Free at: 877-766-2465, or, Email us,
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Finally, If you would like to read some great articles on topics such as “Stopping Creditor Calls”, and many more,or,If you are in the midst of a lawsuit from Rubin and Rothman, Capitol One or any of the other collection attorneys, and they are being uncooperative, please take full advantage of the Resources and Information offered on our Creditor Lawsuit Resources Link.

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Another great website we have found is Our Family Wizard. This site was designed to aid divorced couples share financial and other family information and financial information easily just by accessing the web, making vital family information available to both spouses.

Loan Modification Home Loan modification Church Loan Modification Help – Home Loan Modification Church Loan Modification Free Consultation modify Your home mortgage with Forensic Help-Counseling Available 800-970-8342

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Whether or not you enroll in one of our programs, we desire to educate you to live a debt free fulfilled life. If you wish to speak with us please just call the 1-877-766-2465 Toll free number and speak with a credit counselor. You may also feel free to use the live chat feature. You may email or call me personally at the email address below.

American Debt Enders
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NIFCE Certified Credit Counselor
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