So why would a debt relief company help consumers find a good source of personal loans?

While American Debt Enders does not offer loans directly, even we acknowledge that their are times when it is more appropriate for a consumer to alleviate debt through a personal loan, rather than a debt relief program. While we have always acknowledged everyone is different, and everyone’s debt situation is different 14 years of financial counseling has taught me that it is foolish to be close minded in life and that includes debt solutions, which is why American Debt Enders offers so many solutions.

For example, while a personal debt management program, non profit, is an excellent way to relieve high interest credit card debt, their are actually times when it is not the appropriate solution. If the credit card debt is to low, for example four thousand dollars, but has high interest, than it may well be more appropriate to take a personal loan at a reasonable rate of interest to pay off the high interest rate credit card debt and make one lower payment a at lower interest rate to pay off the credit card debt and keep the credit line from the credit cards open for emergencies only. If you go this route, than you must make sure that you remain disciplined enough to stick to the plan and do not abuse the fact that you have extra credit available. That would make the situation much worse and start you on a very negative trend. In other words, just because their is money available, does not mean you need to spend it.

I have counseled with many consumers who have done this and placed themselves in a much more negative situation. So, without further a due, I am going to share with you a link to a financial loan site that has on it over 30 different loan sources, all rated and reviewed and actually states what is needed to qualify for a personal loan. You will be able to shop on this site by reading the review and checking to see what range your credit score needs to be to be accepted. The site also lists how much you can borrow and what the rate would be depending on your credit score and what the monthly payment terms would be on your new loan. You can do all this from the privacy and convenience of your own home. What a world we live in!

Here is the link: Find Personal Loans. Just remember shop carefully. If you are in a more serious debt situation, and you need help with Payday loans, credit cards in collection, Private student loans, Federal student loans, or any type of unsecured debt we can help you, so please do not hesitate to call us.

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