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Are you dealing with debt? As you start communicating with the debt collection agency, make sure you do things the right way. In this blog, we’ll offer a closer look at what our experts have to say about the right way to deal with debt collectors.

1. Don’t Brush the Situation Under the Rug

Unfortunately, this happens more frequently than you may think. Many people underestimate the gravity of the situation. If a debt collection agency has reached out to you, don’t take this lightly.

It’s possible that your debt isn’t valid. However, you’ll still have to actively and carefully dispute it using the right course of action. And if your debt is valid, you’ll have to take more serious action to get it settled.

Make sure you take things seriously. If you ignore debt collectors, you’ll face a set of serious consequences that will damage your credit report and score.

2. Be Courteous But Don’t Provide Information You Don’t Need to

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When debt collectors first contact you, make sure you’re courteous and respectful. However, don’t provide personal information or talk excessively. Simply request them to send in a letter with the original debt information.

They may ask you a lot of questions. This is a red flag. It means that the collection agency is fraudulent and violating the FDCPA. Request more information about the debt instead of providing any information yourself. Inquire into who the original creditor is and the amount that is owed.

Legitimate collection agencies send a letter that provides information about the outstanding debt. Keep circling back to this. Get everything in writing and don’t give anything away, especially on call.

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3. Consult a Team of Experts

The debt validation process can be extremely challenging, time-consuming, and complex. If you handle things on your own, you may miss deadlines or submit incomplete paperwork. Consult experienced, qualified, and detail-oriented debt validation experts who can assist you.

At American Debt Enders, we have a razor-sharp focus making the debt resolution process easy, straightforward, and quick. We have over 15 years of experience providing quality debt validation for USA customers.

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