a man assessing his debt on a laptop

Contacting up to one billion people each year, debt collectors have a lot on their plate. While they strive to be as assiduous as possible, they often make mistakes; they’re human.

They may reach the wrong person. However, they may also be part of a fake debt collection scam in some cases.

If you’re suspicious about a recent case of debt, make sure you trust your gut. This blog will offer a closer look at three steps you should take to navigate this situation. Continue reading.

1. Do Your Research

First things first, find out exactly what’s going on. Initially, there will be a fair amount of uncertainty around your debt. It’s your responsibility to be proactive, dig deeper, and figure out what you’re dealing with.

Find the collector’s name. Additionally, get the company’s name, contact number, and address. Fake collectors don’t provide this information, which serves as the first red flag.

2. Protect Yourself From the Get-Go

This is extremely important. If you’re not careful, you may end up providing information that could be used against you. You may get calls from scammers threatening to suspend your driver’s license, get you fired, or even arrest you. They may ask for sensitive information under the guise of wanting to help you. Don’t fall for these threats and gimmicks.

Make sure you report the collector by launching a complaint here. Don’t share your phone number, address, or any other information. If you do so, it may become more difficult to dispute the debt later.

We strongly recommend refusing to discuss your alleged debt until you receive a validation notice. This is a written notice that the collectors must send. It discloses essential information that helps people determine whether the debt is valid or not.

3. Sign Up for a Reliable and Trusted Debt Dispute Program

a debt invalidation expert meeting clients

Working with a team of experienced professionals is the best way to get the help you need. They’ll understand your unique situation and prepare an effective and timely course of action accordingly. They’ll work towards invalidating your debt and settling it if invalidation isn’t possible.

If you’re looking for a successful debt dispute program, we can help! At American Debt Enders, we provide unsecured debt invalidation and resolution services to clients across the US. Call us to get started! We also provide free unsecured debt counseling.