ADE’s experts utilize the banking and consumer protection laws in order to dispute the validity of your debt. After the information about your debt has been sold to a third party you are no longer dealing with the original creditor. Your original creditor has already been paid in full by insurance they carry against all debt. We prove that the third party is trying to collect a debt that no longer exists. We have been doing this with great success for over 15 years.

ADE provides legal services with our program in order to protect our clients should a litigation, threat of litigation, or settlement situation be necessary. We have lawyers in all fifty states on retainer ready to protect you and your rights as a consumer.

Hardship is Not A Legal Defense

For Debt Relief

I get it. We have all gone through big stuff in our lives. Divorce, Sickness, Drug Problems, Spent too much money, Didn’t Make Enough Money, and on and on.

So, if you call everyone that you owe money to, surely, they will understand
these problems, and give you a break.

Usually, one break. That is it. They might give you Grace on your payments, once, promise not to repossess the car, just this time.

So, if you are currently in a financial hardship, I suggest you use the time to
talk to a professional. American Debt Enders provides absolutely free credit counseling from professionals.

Not, people just trying to sell you a debt relief program, but people trained to listen and then help you find a way out.

Be very careful who you call. If they sound like they are a salesman, and just trying to sell you their program, run the other way.

Better counseling produces better results!

If they seem like they care, and are not rushing you into something, then continue the conversation. Trust me, as someone who has been a credit counselor for over 15 years, you can tell the difference.

The salesman will sell you anything your willing to buy, whether or not it is right for you.

The true credit counselor will analyze your position and present the best alternatives for you.

With the proper information, you must decide which is the right program for you and finally, enroll in the program.

The last step is vital! You must begin the process, because if you are subpoenaed into a court of law, neither the judge or the debt collector will be interested in your story of woe!

Legal Support

As part of our program, we provide legal support in your state to deal with any legal issues. So, what does all this have to do with Legal Defense for Debt Relief?

In certain situations, you may be threatened by a collector or creditor to bring you to court. This may be in the form of a letter or a subpoena. In this case, It would be brought to the attention of your attorney and the attorney would suggest the best way to handle it.

Now keep in mind, that you now have an attorney working for you, communicating with the collector or creditor’s attorney. You are always in a better positon when it’s attorney too attorney communicating instead of the average person. This is very important!

Your attorney will decide how to proceed in your best interest, whether there is a case for dispute because laws were not followed or a negotiated settlement is in your best interest. Even in a settlement situation, they can usually negotiate your debt down to significantly lower debt, stop all interest and penalties and set up a long term payment plan. You’re in the hands of professionals that know the laws work and how to apply them to your situation.

A debt validation program is utilized by consumers to identify the origins of the debt and research whether the debt is valid and in accordance with the laws. It can be a cheaper alternative to debt settlement programs.

What Does Debt Invalidation Mean?

Collection agencies must maintain accurate and complete records to avoid violating consumer protection laws. They must prove that they are keeping complete and accurate records to be considered legally authorized to collect debts. Debt Validation services can use these consumer protection laws to make collection agencies show that they are keeping complete and accurate records.

Who Qualifies For Debt Invalidation Services?

American Debet Enders’ Debt validation services are available in over 47 states in the United States. To qualify, you must have at least $5,500 in total unsecured debts. Call American Debt Enders today at 1-877-766-2465 to speak with a certified agent and learn how to get out of debt smoothly.

What Does It Mean To Validate A Debt?

Validation means that the collection agency has proved that the debt is valid. Surprisingly, this process can be very challenging for collection agencies, and many cannot prove a disputed debt. Even debts with a large balance often go unproved.

How Debt Validation Programs Work

A Debt Validation program takes advantage of numerous federal laws that can be used to dispute collection actions. A debt validation service helps people avoid getting into trouble with the law by settling their unsecured debts through a fixed monthly payment. All negotiations are done by an attorney that we provide as part of our program. This is only done as a last resort through our program. In many cases, through negotiations with the original creditor, we can cut the debt in half, exclude all interest and penalties and work out a long-term payment plan which provides a considerable amount of debt relief.

What Kind Of Debt Qualifies On A Validation Plan?

Whether it’s personal loans, medical, or credit card debt, almost any type of unsecured debt can be disputed and invalidated. To learn about all your options and how we can help, call us at 1-877-766-2465 to speak with our licensed and trained agents who can take you through the process.

Here’s How The Debt Validation Process Works

Due to the delinquent nature of the debt, credit card companies will typically show it as a loss on their balance sheet, submit the loss on their taxes or submit the loss to their debt insurance to balance their books. Once a person falls behind on their payment, a collection agency will pay the original creditor 10-25 cents on the dollar for your account information. The collection company will take over the account. They will try to convince you that you now owe the debt to them. This may or not be true and must be proven by the collection company. The collection agency typically adds additional fees when the original creditor sells a debt. Since you never agreed to these fees, if your account is disputed, the agency may not be able to prove that the debt is valid. Without your authorization, creditors cannot change the contract terms and add these additional fees. It’s possible that the bank sold multiple accounts at once, which could take a long time to transfer all documentation to the collection agency. There is a finite amount of time that the collection company has to respond to your validation request. If this request is not strictly adhered to, it may be another point of invalidation. This also prevents a collection agency from proving that a debt is valid after the disputed claims. Many banks understand this and even put a disclosure on the sale order saying that the account may not get validated if disputed. After a debt is disputed, the consumer will receive a letter from the collection agency that explains how it will stop collecting the account. This letter would be a defensible record that shows the debt is invalid. The collection agency agrees to stop taking on the debt due to its inability to prove that it is valid. In the future, if a new agency takes over the account, we will have proof that the debt is invalid. Due to the legal status of the account, the collection agency cannot report it on the consumer’s credit report. This means that a debt dispute program can help consumers get the account removed from their credit.

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