The Peak Legal Debt Settlement Program

Peak Legal Advocates:

  • A+ Rating with the BBB
  • Compliant attorney network program 
  • No face-to-face required 
  • Client signs directly with state attorney and can verify bar status –Client is given name of Attorney when agreement is signed.
  • PLA is accredited with the BBB 
  • State attorney enforces FDCPA protecting the client from creditor harassment 
  • FDCPA enforcement stops most if not all creditor calls 
  • Debt Validation done on all client’s account 
  • Collection of FDCPA violations allows for more leverage to eliminate/settle accounts 
  • Cease and Desist letters sent to creditors at beginning of FDCPA program 
  • Online portal for client to view program and upload statements/collection letters 
  • Monthly updates sent to clients 
  • Clients see results much faster than typical settlement

Accounts Which Qualify For Our Debt Dispute Program:

Credit Cards, Repossessed cars, Medical Bills in collection, Closed ended or one time loans, Business Loans, Federal Student loans, Judgements which are no longer secured, Utilities in collection and no longer at address.

If The Debt Settlements Option is your best option, then we believe we have the Best and most Unique FTC compliant Program available anywhere.

NOTE: American Debt Enders is not a law firm.

FOR A FREE CONSULTATION, to determine if you might be a candidate for debt settlements CALL: 877-766-2465 or PLEASE CONTACT US. or visit:

You get a clearly written agreement which fully explains the fees and services.

Each program is customized for your individual situation, and budget, insuring the best chances of success. After your agreement is submitted it will be reviewed by an underwriter, who will verify that you are qualified. After examining your situation, if they do not believe their representation and debt dispute services are right for you, they will not accept you as a client.


We always advise our clients to read the entire agreement and seek legal counsel if necessary.