Debt Resolution Services

ADE’s experts utilize the banking and consumer protection laws in order to dispute the validity of your debt. After the information about your debt has been sold to a third party you are no longer dealing with the original creditor. Your original creditor has already been paid in full by insurance they carry against all debt. We prove that the third party is trying to collect a debt that no longer exists. We have been doing this with great success for over 15 years.

ADE provides legal services with our program in order to protect our clients should a litigation, threat of litigation, or settlement situation be necessary. We have lawyers in all fifty states on retainer ready to protect you and your rights as a consumer.

Hardship is Not A Legal Defense

For Debt Relief

I get it. We have all gone through big stuff in our lives. Divorce, Sickness, Drug Problems, Spent too much money, Didn’t Make Enough Money, and on and on.

So, if you call everyone that you owe money to, surely, they will understand
these problems, and give you a break.

Usually, one break. That is it. They might give you Grace on your payments, once, promise not to repossess the car, just this time.

So, if you are currently in a financial hardship, I suggest you use the time to
talk to a professional. American Debt Enders provides absolutely free credit counseling from professionals.

Not, people just trying to sell you a debt relief program, but people trained to listen and then help you find a way out.

Be very careful who you call. If they sound like they are a salesman, and just trying to sell you their program, run the other way.


Better counseling produces better results!

If they seem like they care, and are not rushing you into something, then continue the conversation. Trust me, as someone who has been a credit counselor for over 15 years, you can tell the difference.

The salesman will sell you anything your willing to buy, whether or not it is right for you.

The true credit counselor will analyze your position and present the best alternatives for you.

With the proper information, you must decide which is the right program for you and finally, enroll in the program.

The last step is vital! You must begin the process, because if you are subpoenaed into a court of law, neither the judge or the debt collector will be interested in your story of woe!

Legal Support

As part of our program, we provide legal support in your state to deal with any legal issues. So, what does all this have to do with Legal Defense for Debt Relief?

In certain situations, you may be threatened by a collector or creditor to bring you to court. This may be in the form of a letter or a subpoena. In this case, It would be brought to the attention of your attorney and the attorney would suggest the best way to handle it.

Now keep in mind, that you now have an attorney working for you, communicating with the collector or creditor’s attorney. You are always in a better positon when it’s attorney too attorney communicating instead of the average person. This is very important!

Your attorney will decide how to proceed in your best interest, whether there is a case for dispute because laws were not followed or a negotiated settlement is in your best interest. Even in a settlement situation, they can usually negotiate your debt down to significantly lower debt, stop all interest and penalties and set up a long term payment plan. You’re in the hands of professionals that know the laws work and how to apply them to your situation.

Are you struggling to make ends meet because of the big balances on your credit cards and the increasing student debts that don’t seem to end? You’re not alone; an estimated 70% of Americans are worried about their finances, at least to some extent. If you are suffering from credit card debt, it is time to consider reducing your stress. The most common ways that Americans have been subject to consumer debt include Home mortgages, Auto loans, Student loans, Credit card debt, and medical bills. However, having your debt loom over you for decades until you’re on the brink of bankruptcy is the worst way to go about it. American Debt Enders can help provide you with the debt resolution services you need to get your finances back in control.

How People Get Into Debt

Individuals can overspend due to many reasons, but unbeknownst to many, the real reason why so many Americans are in debt is not because of their impulse buying habits. Rather, the economy has gradually been on a downturn since the economic hardships of the 2007-2009 crash, and the cost of living has increased significantly without a proportionate increase in American wages. Similarly, financial stress can lead to overspending, adding to the debt tally even more. Stress and anxiety can also lead to several health issues. We all know how much it costs for an uninsured person to seek medical attention in America. Health, travel, and other on-medical emergencies contribute to increasing debt.  A debt counseling agent discussing options with a client

Getting started with Debt Resolution

If you are in significant debt and are struggling to keep up with expenses, then you may require experienced debt resolution services. Some people can resolve their financial issues on their own. For others, however, debt resolution is simply too overbearing to resolve without a professional. The first step is to ask yourself, are you always behind on your card payments and can only manage to pay off the minimum amount at a time? If the answer is yes and your creditors are pressuring you, it’s time to get things in check.

How American Debt Enders Can Help

American Debt Enders has helped thousands of people get out of debt. We can hand control of your debt back to you once again and give you the financial freedom you need. Our debt consultancy and resolution services can help you by giving you a realistic plan of action to get you out of debt. An American Debt Enders debt resolution plan can help you resolve your debt within a specified time frame, with fixed singular monthly payments at a decreased rate rather than sacrificing the things that matter to you. We host a multitude of services and methods that can help you get in control of your debts and eventually resolve them. If you have already taken some measures to get out of debt, we can help you identify what you need to do next. Call us at +1-877-766-2465 to discuss your options and create a plan for yourself.

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