Debt Resolution Services in Texas

Texans have a credit score of about 20 points lower than the national average. This, coupled with the unsteady economy and varying unemployment rate in the country post-COVID, means that Texans are constantly on the lookout for a solution to their debt management woes.
To facilitate citizens of Texas trying to manage their debt and in many cases, invalidate it, American Debt Enders provides diverse and experienced debt resolution, invalidation, and consultation services.

Average Credit Score in Texas

According to the data collected by the credit score database FICO, Texas’ average credit score was only about 690 in 2020. This places it as the fourth worst state in the US for the same year. American Debt Enders aims to help these Texans take back control of their debt and get rid of debt collectors legally.

Debt Dispute in Texas

Many Americans stay in debt longer than they have to because they don’t receive the right kind of guidance needed to pay off debt collectors effectively. To help debtors pay off debt fast, American Debt Enders provides diversified debt resolution services. Our certified credit counselors hold several years of experience in helping Americans claim their rights set and prevent FDCPA violations by debt collectors. Usually, consumers benefit from this type of debt relief because it saves them time and helps them manage their financial situation.
This type of debt relief is beneficial for consumers since most creditors are willing to accept lower payments than the full amount due. Some of the types of debts that can be handled through American Debt Enders include student loans, credit cards, and personal lines of credit.

Debt Relief Alternatives in Texas

1. Minimum Monthly Payments

This means that continuing to make minimum monthly payments is not the best strategy to achieve debt freedom in Texas.

2. A Debt Management Plan

A credit counseling program can help you take advantage of lower interest rates to pay off your debts faster through ADE’s expert consultations. This method works for people with low credit scores and low completion rates in Texas.

3. Debt Consolidation Loan

With debt consolidation, you borrow money and use it to pay off your high-interest loans. This method leaves you with a single monthly payment that’s lower than the amount due on all of your debts.

4. Debt Settlement

Unlike debt counseling and debt consolidation, debt settlement involves negotiating the principal balance of the debts. This method is usually cheaper and faster compared to both strategies.
For people in Texas who cannot meet their debts, declaring bankruptcy is an inevitable step. This procedure stops the collection process of their creditors and allows them to focus on paying their bills. While it may seem like an easy way out, the long-term consequences of declaring bankruptcy are dire, and they can essentially cripple your credit scorer to the point that no bank would ever want to trust you with their money again.

How American Debt Enders Helps Citizens of Texas Resolve Their Debts

While it may seem like all hope is lost, you need not spend the rest of your life paying off your debts. American Debt Enders has helped thousands become debt-free through our expert consultation, dispute, and credit restoration services.
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