Credit Restoration

This is the ultimate program for those who are no longer in debt and serious about improving their credit rating, Yes, Credit Restoration is possible, and you do not have to wait 7 years to remove negatives and rejoin the world of wise credit users.


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REGULAR SERVICE is 99.95 Down, and 59.00 DOLLARS Per Month – NO CONTRACT!

No matter how many items you have to dispute, you will only be charged our low monthly fee.
Lexington Law gives you multiple disputes with the credit bureaus at no additional charge.

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Credit Restoration – Authorized User Accounts.
Authorized user accounts can be a valuable way to help someone in the credit restoration process. Read the article for the full story.

Credit Restoration – Study Proves High Credit Report Error Rate
It is a fact that 70% of all credit reports contain errors. Are errors affecting your ability to achieve credit restoration? Read The Article For the Full Story.

Credit Restoration – Do it Yourself May Not Be Best.
The Do It Yourself approach may do more harm than good when it comes to credit restoration. Read The article for the full story.

Credit Restoration – Closing Open Accounts.
There is a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Close An Open Account. Read the article for the full story.

Credit Restoration – How To Fix A Credit Score Fast.
There Is a Right Way and a Wrong Way to attempt a quick correction on a credit report. Read the article for the full story.

Credit Restoration – The Credit Score Simulator.
See How Your Credit Decisions Will Effect Your Credit Score. Read the article for the full story.

Find A Credit Repair Specialist.
Todays economy has many seeking both debt help and credit restoration help. Read the article for the full story.



The Fair Credit Reporting Act
This is the law that regulates the world of credit reporting, and consumer protections regarding credit reports. You need this if you are going to try the credit restoration do it yourself approach.

Fair Credit Billing Act
This is the law that regulates how companies that loan you money in any form, including banks, can bill you.

Credit Repair Services Act
This further defines the rules for companies that provide Credit Repair or Credit Restoration Services, and defines who is and who is not a credit repair organization.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
This law spells out what constitutes collection harassment by debt collectors attempting to collect a debt. It is important to note that it applies to “Debt Collectors” and not to the original lender. Just to note, there are State laws which address harassment by original lenders.

How To Get Your Credit Scores Free
This is an awesome site as a credit restoration tool. You register for free, and it will give you yourcredit scores free. It will also provide an overview analysis of your credit reports, but not individual creditor information. The site also has credit simulaion tools and more.

How To Get Your Free Annual Credit Report
This is the only website authorized by law, to allow you to get your once a year credit report free. The site will let you pull a Trans Union, Experian and Equifax credit report once per year, as authorized by Federal law. The site does not provide credit scores free. For those, simply use the Credit Karma link above.

Website for Fair Isaccs Company, Creators of the FICO credit score, which is the most widely used scoring model today.
This website is filled with excellent information for getting the facts about credit scores. It contains information about what is, and is not included in your credit score, and they should know. Also, their are open moderated Credit Repair Forums, where consumers can ask questions and get answers about how to fix a credit score, and much more. It is a free site, you just register, and start learning.