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Credit Restoration – How To Fix A Credit Score Fast Account

In Cases where debts have gone unpaid for a long time and there are many of them, the truth is, you will not be able to fix that type of situation fast. By Fast, I mean, in 30 days or so. In the above case when properly done, it could take as long as one year. But, the purpose of this article is to show you how to do just a few errors in a very short time.

To fix a credit score fast, the best way is to go online to the following sites:
Investigate Equifax 888-800-8853

Experian Disputes 866-200-6020

Trans Union Investigate 800-916-8800

I have provided phone numbers, but really, going to the appropriate website is best.

Obviously, you will need to have pulled a credit report recently so you can site it as the source of the inaccurate information. Just visit Annual Free Credit Report.

Remember, only use this technique if you are trying to correct one or two incorrect items. If you overdue it, it could be a problem, as the credit bureaus will may flag you.

If you have a lot of credit restoration work to do, you might be better off, leaving it to the professionals, by clicking the banner on this page. It is well worth the price.

Written By:
Steven Ciantro
Certified Credit Counselor
American Debt Enders


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