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Credit Restoration–Self Help May Not Be The Best

If you have ever gone searching for information on credit restoration, no doubt you have been amazed at the abundance of information available on the topic. Not to mention the sheer overwhelming number of companies that offer to restore your credit for a fee.

The FTC requires that such companies disclose to you the fact that this is something you can do yourself. They even have a brochure entitled, “Credit Restoration, self help may be the best approach.” This brochure explains how to simply write letters to the credit bureaus explaining their mistake, and asking for a correction. Well, if you have ever tried to do this on your own, you have already discovered that the credit bureaus are notorious at obscuring the lines. So that not only will you be engaging in an exercise in futility, most likely, but you may well make it impossible for a professional to fix the problem.

I mean, really. If you are walking and you suddenly break a bone, are you going to set it yourself? How about pulling your own tooth? Gluing back the cap that covers your tooth? Of course not. But when it comes to credit reports, the advice is “do it yourself.” So, just think about it. Having a good credit score is worth tens of thousands of dollars over your lifespan. So, in order to save a few hundred dollars, you are going to risk permanantly messing it up, with the do it yourself approach. I tell you, it is madness.

If you are smart, you will let the professionals do it for you. Absolutely, the bargain of the century. To get a free consultation with a credit restoration specialist call (888) 586-2661, it is the number to Lexington Law Firm. This is a real law form, that has a division that specializes in Credit Restoration.

Written By
Steven Ciantro
Certified Credit Counselor
American debt Enders

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