Any credit cards put into the Debt Dispute program will be closed by the creditor. Our counselors will advise you of what your best options are.

Yes, in order to utilize the current consumer protection laws in your favor ADE must conduct an analysis of your debt.  Call today to speak with one of our qualified counselors to see if you are eligible.  

Debt Dispute program is not a factor in the calculation of your credit score. While in and of itself it will not effect your score, it is possible some creditors will place a statement on your report that says “account managed by dmp”, this statement is also not a factor in your credit scoring. The Debt Dispute program is designed to protect your credit report also. Our program is unique.  It is designed to have the creditors remove negatives from your report as disputes are resolved.

Currently, American Debt Enders can help you with any type of unsecured debt other than IRS issues, Federal Student Loans or Pay Day Loans. However we do have partner companies that you can be referred to. Call Today to find out more.

Consultations are Free. If you choose to enroll in a specific program the fees vary by the amount of debt and type of program. There are no hidden fees. All fees are explained in full during the consultation, specific to the program you are enrolling in.

First, we are in a position to offer a multi-tiered Debt Solution. 

Second, even if you do not enroll in one of our programs, you will come away from the consultation with considerably more knowledge than you had before. 

Third, we are an open book. In this age where everyone is rightfully concerned about legitimacy, We at ADE offer direct lines to our management if there is any issue that isn’t resolved.

Absolutely not. Many people do not qualify for bankruptcy or have moral reasons why they choose not to file for a bankruptcy. In our opinion a Bankruptcy should be an absolute last resort. 

Typically our debt dispute programs are between 2 & 3 years, however in some cases clients may choose a longer term in order to reduce the monthly payment.