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Lets get right to the point. You become a marketing Affiliate of American Debt Enders, and you get 6 chances to earn commissions on every lead! Which is why we say, “We didn’t Invent Debt Relief, We Just Made It Better”.

Please let me explain the facts. Debt is like swimming. Everyone does a different stroke. In today’s debt ridden world no two consumers have the same situation. We are the first company in the nation to address this fact in a tangible manner. We offer 6 different programs, at the current time, and are growing. These programs each address a different type of debt. Out counselors and contractual circle of sister companies each specialize in a particular debt situation. So, first, if you are an affiliate you have six ways to get paid on each lead. Please visit our Affiliate page to get the details on the payouts and on how to sign up as an affiliate.

The programs we offer are Debt Consolidation, Debt Settlement, and our settlement program is on steroids, Relief of Pay Day Loans, Federal Student Loan Consolidation, Private Student Loan Help and Relief, utilizing Debt Settlement and Debt Invalidation and Bankruptcy.

In Addition, we offer a Pay Per Call Program with an additional opportunity for affiliates to earn. As if that wasn’t enough, how about free tools which will greatly aid your marketing efforts, and an optimized website to keep up with the growing mobile market, which will soon overtake the desktop market. One of the free tools we provide is called MarketHive, which is absolutely free and will enhance everything you do in terms of marketing, but also has a great Affiliate program on it’s own that you may as well be interested in.

So, why are we offering all of this. Very simple. We are entrepreneurs as much as we are business leaders and problem solvers and we want more than anything for you to succeed.

Lets succeed together and help each other to build this new economy. The future belongs to you and I. The visionaries of today. Always feel free to contact us if you need help.

Again, to sign up as an American Debt Enders affiliate simply visit: Affiliate with American Debt Enders.

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