Student loan debt has become in 2012, what credit card debt was in 2009. Yes, that means one trillion dollars worth of student loan debt. The problem has gotten so bad that people cannot finish their education, because they have fallen to far behind on their current payments, and, having no idea where to turn, simply throw up their hands  in frustration.

Here are some interesting facts to prove my point:

Here is the good news. The Department of Education,  has a student loan consolidation program to consolidate federal student loans. Do not assume because you loan may have come from a bank that it is not federal. Let an expert evaluate it.

This is tremendous news for those of you debt oppressed from student loans. Student loan consolidation will provide the following benefits:

To take advantage of this process and get a FREE student loan consultation. Simply visit: Consolidating Student Loan Debt.

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Steven Ciantro
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