Online Information Gathering Policy

Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy we provide this notice explaining our online information practices and how your information is used in order for us to conduct our credit counseling sessions and fulfill information and question requests.

Your information is never shared or sold. Their is no fee for counseling. Additionally, American Debt Enders does not engage in Telemarketing Sales Practices of any kind. Our strict policy is only to contact those who have specificaly requested information from us, or directly called us.

American Debt Enders does not provide information to your creditors about whether or not you are enrolled in any type of debt relief program. We do not discuss account balances or payment information with creditors, as we are not a debt settlement or debt consolidation company. We do not maintain paper files of any information you may have provided to us during the course of a credit counseling session. This is done to further insure your privacy.

We are a for-profit company, providing FREE credit counseling and financial educational materials.

Certain state exclusions may apply to some programs. Your advisor has this information available.

Please note we are also proud members of NETCHECK. Netcheck is similar to the Better Business Bureau. You can click on the Netcheck Logo on the left, to see if their are any complaints against the company.

Debt Settlement Program Compliance

American Debt Enders is not a direct provider of either debt settlement or debt consolidation services. After the appropriate credit counseling is done, and a determination of suitability of your situation to the debt settlement program, you will be placed with our Debt Settlement -Debt Restructure Program which will provide full legal representation to you. Non Profit Debt Consolidation is offered through the most highly rated non-profit organization in the country, with whom we are direct affiliates.

All potential client agreements are reviewed for compliance standards prior to
being forwarded to the appropriate program, where they are again checked for compliance.
A potential clients entire financial picture is looked at, so that no client is placed in a debt reduction
program that they either do not fully understand or is not suitable for them.

The Payday Loan Debt Settlement Program is administered by the The Assurance Management Groupa Processing Company specializing in this service. PHONE: 308-492-7856

Our Debt Management Program is processed through Debt Wave Credit Counseling, A Non-Profit Company. PHONE: 858-654-2151

Corporate Information: American Debt Enders conducts business under the DBA name American Debt Enders, a registered DBA under the corporate name Grace Unlimited, LLC.
Both are registered with the Secretary of State, in the State of New York. Every effort has been made to keep the information on this page current. Due to changing regulations, we reserve the right to make appropriate changes as necessary.

Credit Restoration Services are provided through affiliation with Lexington Law Firm. CALL 888-586-2661 For A Free Credit Score Analysis

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