In keeping with its primary vision and purpose American Debt Enders is bringing Debt Relief to the future of Credit Counseling by getting ready to offer Click To Call debt relief and free credit counseling to mobile users. So what is click to call? We have found that people calling for counseling just don’t know where to begin. Already hurting from being oppressed by debt, of course they are seeking relief, but where to begin. Often they are faced with the dilemma of do I fill out the intake form, or do I call? If I call what do I say? Exactly what is credit counseling? is it for me?

The answer is that anyone who is feeling the effects of carrying to much unsecured debt can benefit from credit counseling. Click to call is simply a better way to connect consumers to a qualified counselor. One who is capable of analyzing their situation and then explaining the options which are not only available to them but also suitable to them.
Lets be real, not every program is for everyone in debt. Or, stated another way, when it comes to debt one size definitely does not fit all.

While many debt relief companies offer only one program, this is really the equivalent of  being sick and going to an emergency room which only handles broken legs. To many companies offer only one program. American Debt Enders had enjoyed great success offering a wide variety of relief programs to consumers. This is done by having counselors available who understand a wide variety of debt relief programs and then can place the consumer in the hands of a debt specialist who understands the program they are explaining fully and is capable of truly helping the individual.

By utilizing the click to call feature a consumer is immediately put in touch with a counselor who can guide them to what they need and even qualify them for a particular debt relief program. At the current time American Debt Enders offers debt consolidation, federal student loan help, private student loan help, payday loan help, a word here regarding payday loans, this program is a non profit program with very low fees and is also non-adversarial which means the consumer will not be flooded by phone calls. Additionally ADE offers debt invalidation with complete credit restoration at no additional charge, we also offer debt settlement with debt invalidation which is an extremely powerful combination, we can also help with tax problems and chapter 7 bankruptcy free consultations to see if you qualify.

The ADE Debt Relief Phone Numbers

Free Credit Counseling—       877-766-2465

Student Loan Consolidation—877-766-2465

Free Bankruptcy Counseling– 516-204-4640 (National Number)

Credit Restoration Counseling-888-586-2661 Inc. Credit Report Review

Each of these numbers provides Free Counseling.

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