a person calculating their debt payments

As debt payments slowly accumulate over the years, it can become increasingly harder with each passing month for the debtor to keep up with their dues. Because of this, many Americans have no choice but to file for bankruptcy, causing irreparable harm to their credit score.

Most individuals want to pay back their debts, but the unfair practices that many creditors and collection agencies employ make it difficult for them to do so. Here are a few ways to get out of debt quickly without declaring bankruptcy.

Credit Counselling Services

American Debt Enders hosts a panel of experienced professionals that can provide you with credit counseling services to create a get out of debt plan. Credit counseling is an inexpensive way to manage your debts and keep track of your expenses. It can help you avoid accruing high interest rates and fees.

Some of the concessions of credit counseling may not be enough to help you pay down your debts quickly. Still, it can help you have a fixed monthly payment that you can pay off over a more comfortable period without the fear of growing interest rates or late fees.

Debt Resolution Services

While it may seem enticing, bankruptcy isn’t your option if you’re finding it difficult to pay off your credit card debts. While debt resolution can help consumers get out of debt, it can also benefit the creditors. Bankruptcy carries various disadvantages for an individual and can do a number on your credit score. On the other hand, debt resolution services offered by American Debt Enders can provide a win-win situation where you can pay off your credit card debts in a controlled way without incurring severe interest rates.

If a consumer is eligible for bankruptcy under chapter 7, it may be a faster option, but it may not be a good fit for everyone. Some people may choose not to file bankruptcy due to their financial troubles. Others may be reluctant to surrender their home or properties.

a person calculating their debt payments

Get Rid Of Credit Card Debt With American Debt Enders

In America, there are only a few professional debt counselors that are authorized to help people manage their debts. If you’re looking for the ideal debt resolution service provider, American Debt Enders provides Americans with all the tools they need to learn how to prevent bankruptcy due to debt.

Our debt settlement and unsecured debt counseling programs can help you take back control of your finances and create a strategy to pay your dues back on time. To get more information on how we can help, call us at 1-877-766-2465 for a consultation.