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Free Foreclosure Prevention Help From Fico

FICO, formerly known as Fair Isaacs Company, the same people who create your credit score, has started an awesome website for anyone needing help with a mortgage problem. The website isMortgage Lifeline. At the site troubled consumers can get free assessments for their own unique situation. They can actually chat with an approved credit counseling agency with approved housing counseling and have a meaningful dialogue with their lenders.

The average consumer/homeowner in trouble with their home loan, can now determine what new government help may be available, without having to limit their options by paying a large fee to a loan modification company. Consumer complaints are too numerous to ignore. Borrowers say their lenders and the companies that administer their loans, known as “servicers,” are difficult to reach and, when they are lucky enough to make a connection, are unresponsive to their needs. Some say they are not receiving any response at all.

This resource site allows consumers to get help with their overall financial picture, not just the mortgage problem. To date, to many consumers have found help, only to have the problem re-occur. At this site, homeowners actually fill out a form and can get an instant response on what type of help they qualify for. In essence, a pre qualification. Within 48 hours of filling out the form, a counselor from Money Management International calls back for a free counseling session to assess if the homeowner is eligible for Hope Now, or Hope For Homeowners, Their still may be other options available.

For free, personalized advice from counseling agencies certified by HUD, call (888) 995-HOPE, a national, round-the-clock hotline.

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Parts of this article have been excerpted from an article appearing in the Los Angeles Times which can be accessed here: LA Times Article.

Written By:
Steven Ciantro
Member National Association of Certified Credit Counselors
American Debt Enders

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