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Your Christmas Gift, An End To Debt Slavery

First, a word of thanks to the many readers of this Free Credit Counseling Newsletter. I wish you all a blessed and peaceful Christmas with many more to come. I spent some time thinking of what would be a fitting Christmas message to you.

If you have been following regularly you know we have been writing more and more about the financial system overall. How it has been designed with the Federal Reserve System to keep you the consumer a literal debt slave. Have you ever felt like a prisoner knowing that if you do not drag yourself out of bed to go to a job you do not like, you will lose your ability to survive? Or, that you are working just to keep your head above water? This is the feeling produced by being a debt slave.

If you have no debt, you can survive on very little. You will feel differently, because you will be empowered, as the master of your own financial destiny. I guarantee you, you will view yourself and the world in a different light. Most people actually feel that this is an impossible dream. It is not. You have been brainwashed, from your youngest days into the debt slave mentality. You have been taught that their is good debt and bad debt. The reality is that no debt is good. That includes tax deductible mortgage debt.

Additionally, in the coming years you will be faced with paying taxes at a rate never before seen in this country. A massive redistribution of wealth, and please do not be naive and think that this will only effect the rich. If you have no debt, you will put yourself and your family in a much better position. You will put yourself in the position of being able to explore different means of making a living, perhaps actually doing something you really enjoy, or feel called to do. Why? Because your basic living needs will be greatly reduced. Do a little exercise and write down for yourself, how much money exactly you spend on debt payments. That includes your mortgage payments. It always amazes me when counseling poeple in debt, that they have no idea how much they are spending in total on their debt each month. They know they write a check here and there, but the real number is a mystery to them. Even worse, they have no idea how much a debt amount, for example, ten thousand dollars of credit card debt will actually cost them over the years. Just so you know, 10,000 dollars at 18% interest will take about 10 years to pay off and cost about 24,000 dollars if you make only a minimum payment of 250.00 dollars per month.

So, this newsletter article is not about the usual be careful what you spend for Christmas gifts. No, it is about something much bigger. Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus, whose mission was to free mankind from the slavery of sin. You need to celebrate the gift given to us freely, by breaking free of your own debt slavery. If you have already learned this great lesson, then why not pass it on, by sending this article to someone you know who is not as fortunate yet.

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Finally, a Merry Christmas to you.

Written By:
Steven Ciantro
Member National Association Of Certified Credit Counselors
American Debt Enders

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