If you Google this term you will find pros and cons about Debt Invalidation Programs. So, lets clear the record. Debt Invalidation is not so much a program, as it is a set of laws that debt collectors must adhere to when trying to collect a debt. The invalidation part means simply that just because I call you demanding payment for a debt I say you owe, I must have the ability when and if challenged to be able to legally demonstrate that 1: the debt is real, and 2: you really owe it.

You would be amazed how many debt collectors cannot validate a debt that they insist you pay or have slammed your credit report with.
In fact there are over a dozen consumer laws that cover debt invalidation both state and federal. When used by someone who understands them they can be extremely powerful. So this is not an article on how to use these laws however I will explain one way to use them coupled with Debt Settlement that will make them extremely powerful and get you a lower settlement. In fact, if you would rather not settle the debts after they are invalidated , you do not have to. That is the essence of our debt dispute program.

The first part of any Debt Settlement Program should be debt invalidation. This puts the collector on notice that the settlement company is going to be very aggressive in getting you the best settlement, and I guarantee it works. In the majority of instances no collection company can answer a well crafted invalidation attack, or a forensic audit. That’s because the full trail of paperwork that supports your debt, if it is your debt, rarely follows their purchase of the debt. No matter what a collector tries to say they are required to validate the debt when asked or simply remove it from your credit report if they cannot and cease collection efforts.

So, when debt invalidation is coupled with other elements of a debt settlement program the result is often and faster and lower settlement. Couple that with representation by an attorney who understands this process and that is debt settlement on steroids. We now also offer a stand alone Debt Dispute program that is so powerful that if you enroll and we are not successful at eliminating your debt, we will give you your money back. We will also remove the item from your credit report. All this for about half of what you would pay in a debt settlement program.

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