No, not really trying to be cute, but, if you are reading this I guess I got your attention.  You know when people use the expression, oh, that’s just  a blank, you can fill in the blank. Well, I am here to tell you that their is nothing about American Debt Enders or its programs that’s just anything. Although I may be a bit biased, I am fully prepared to back it up.

So lets start with the American debt Enders  Affiliate Program. We started out Affiliate program in 2007. And, for those of you who may be unfamiliar, Affiliate programs are used by all sorts of companies to help attain business by using the services of internet marketers who’s business it is to drive quality traffic to a companies website or offer. In return they are rewarded with money when they are successful. Generally the company puts out the offer and affiliates are drawn to it and make a decision to either sign up or decide that it is not for them. Usually once an affiliate is approved a signs on they are given the guidelines (ways they can and cannot market the companies services) and that is pretty much the end of the interaction. Not so with American Debt Enders and its affiliates. So, its not just an …affiliate program.

Instead, ADE is determined to help affiliates succeed. Recently our affiliate program has begun offering free tools to anyone who signs up for our affiliate program. Why? Because as Bob Dylan sang, “The times they are a changin“. The economy is changing, and many people looking into affiliate marketing as a way to supplement their income could use any help they can get to fast track the road to success.

  We do not sell them the tools, and we do not charge them any fee to affiliate with us, because we want to see them succeed. One of the tools we give away is, e.g. a free tool that shows how your website appears on cell phones as opposed to desktops. Very simple, but very necessary if you are an internet marketer. The bevy of tools can be found on the ADE Affiliate page.

Another reason we are not just… our approach to debt relief, and free credit counseling. Over and over again, our counselors hear the following from debt ridden consumers: You sound very different than the last person I spoke with, they left me very confused, (and they were explaining only one program) you however are being very clear, (ADE offers seven programs). So how is that? First of all, we are one of the first free credit counseling companies in the country to be a debt solutions one stop, if you will. Picture the debt oppressed consumer looking for a solution and has never used a credit counseling company before, makes a phone call and is seeking help. Depending on which company they call, they get a mish mash of debt industry definitions all to describe one program, let me provide an example. Some companies offering only debt settlement, refer to it as debt consolidation. Ouch! And are told they will make one payment and the creditors will get paid. While the above is true it leaves the impression to the consumer that the one payment is going each month to the creditors and so their credit score will be protected. What is really happening? The one payment is going to a 3rd party bank account controlled by the consumer and eventually the collectors will get paid a settled rate which is much less than the now owe. You see, words are not just….either, no they have meaning and that meaning is very crucial to the consumer, being in a right or wrong debt relief program for them.

   American Debt Enders offers 7 different debt relief programs at the present time. Our sister companies and processing agents are among the best in the industry and it is very easy to check them because the circle of companies is plainly listed on out partners page. None of them are just………

  Mark the date of the writing of this article if you are into that sort of thing and see if other companies in the debt relief industry don’t start offering services in a new way. That would be the American Debt Enders way…because it’s not just.

You might want to post the below phone numbers on your refrigerator, for a rainy day:

American Debt Enders-The Debt Relief Phone Numbers

Free Credit Counseling—       877-766-2465

Debt Management Program– 877-354-2950

Debt Settlement Quote—      877-766-2465

Pay Day Loan Debt Relief—-  877-766-2465

Student Loan Consolidation—877-766-2465

Private Student Loan Help—- 877-354-2950

Free Bankruptcy Counseling– 877-354-2950

Credit Restoration Counseling-844-776-8337 Inc. FREE Credit Report Review

Each of these numbers provides Free Counseling For A Debt Relief Program.

Yours Truly,

Steven Ciantro
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