American Debt Enders offers one of the best Pay Day Loan help programs available anywhere. First, it is a non profit program, and as such is a non adversarial program. What does that mean exactly? It means that the Pay Day loan lenders cooperate with the program and will stop liens and garnishments from happening and generally stop the high interest bleeding. In case you are not aware, the interest you agreed to pay on these easy money loans is upwards of 350% per year! Ouch! This is the reason you get into trouble with them. We can take care of the interest and help you pay back the debt in affordable monthly payments.

This will eliminate the high blood pressure type debt stress that keeps you awake at night.

The advice and free credit counseling is absolutely free.

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The ADE Debt Relief Phone Numbers

Free Credit Counseling—       877-766-2465

Student Loan Consolidation—877-766-2465

Free Bankruptcy Counseling– 516-204-4640 (National Number)

Credit Restoration Counseling-888-586-2661 Inc. Credit Report Review

Pay Day Loan Help——877-766-2465