Over the past year callers to American Debt Enders, a highly rated National Debt Relief Company, American Debt Enders has received calls from consumers with all types of debt problems. Few negative situations in life produce a level of stress, and loss of personal peace as a life event that causes a lapse into indebtedness. So as time was moving on and you were borrowing from Peter to pay Paul you suddenly get the realization that the plan you have been living by is no longer working. Whether or not it was even a plan, perhaps no one ever taught you even the basics of managing money, let alone how to make a plan. Perhaps you did not understand just what 30% interest was costing you on that unsecured credit card. Or you had a relatively low credit score and so buying a car, etc, simply cost you much more money than it should have. I could go on and on here, trust me, because I have been there. It was a long time ago, thank God, but I still have not heard a better debt story than my own. I am not saying that proudly. My situation, being an entrepreneur from a young age was thinking that just making a lot of money was a cure for any type of debt problem.

Founder American Debt Enders