Over the past year callers to American Debt Enders, a highly rated National Debt Relief Company,
has received calls from consumers with all types of debt problems. While it does exist few negative situations in life
produce a level of stress, and loss of personal peace as a life event that causes a lapse into indebtedness. So as time
was moving on and you were borrowing from Peter to pay Paul you suddenly get the realization that the plan you have been living by is no longer working. Whether or not it was even a plan, perhaps no one ever taught you even the basics of managing money, let alone how to make a plan. Perhaps you did not understand just what 30% interest was costing you
on that unsecured credit card. Or you had a relatively low credit score and so buying a car, etc, simply cost you much more money than it should have. I could go on and on here, trust me, because I have been there. It was a long time ago, thank God, but I still have not heard a better debt story than my own. I am not saying that proudly. My situation, being an entrepreneur from a young age was thinking that just making a lot of money was a cure for any type of debt problem.

Things Are Not Always As They Seem

Young people tend to think that things will go on as they always have, the status quo would always be maintained.
Well, life simply does not work that way. Their are always adjustments to be made and always new challenges that spring up.
And let me tell you when you are beyond the millionaire level and things go badly and the dominoes start falling it feels like you have entered the twilight zone. All those people that needed help when you were on top, and you were good enough to help them, suddenly disappear. Yikes! What a rude awakening and a profound lesson on living.

So, you ask, what does all this have to do with the title of this article and the idea of a debt relief one stop. It is simple. Debt problems today just seem to be more complicated. They have more elements to them. It’s not just unsecured debt, what type of unsecured debt? High Interest high balance credit cards? Are you currently just scraping by paying on them? Or, are you skipping and missing payments so that some have gone or been sold to a debt collector? Is the debt accompanied by a drop in income, so that even if the payments are lowered by a debt relief program, they will not allow you to live? And, by way if definition, when I say live, I mean the only three material things you really need to live, and that is Food, Shelter and Clothing. Every other material object should be placed on hold, until you are well on your way to dealing with the debt problem.

Remember, when it comes to money, it is still the banks that control the action. Which means that what choice or choices there will be may be dependent on what laws and regulations allow you to do. Be of good cheer, if you get a good company that has well trained debt relief counselors who are both knowledgeable and compassionate, those laws and regulations can also work for you! What a beautiful thing! Yes, their is hope for debt freedom on the horizon and it absolutely does not and should not take forever to break free.

Since you are probably not knowledgeable enough to have the contacts who can break the situation down and find the best solution for you, a call to a company that is knowledgeable in all areas and has the contacts, may well be called for. This is not a time to be prideful, pride may have played a role in getting you into trouble. So, for many of you calling a company that bills itself as the Nations Debt Relief One Stop just might allow you to start sleeping again. No judgment on you. At least be open enough not to think that everyone is out to get your money. If the consumer advocate, or debt relief counselor is able to put together a plan for you that works, then feel free to shop around and make sure you are not getting ripped off.

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men….you know the rest. Yes, make sure that the plan has provisions for bumps down the road, before it is completed. Are you able to get your consumer advocate on the phone if you need to change the plan because perhaps you can not afford it, after you start it? Will they work with you when and if things need to be changed?
Are your phone calls to them being timed? I certainly hope not. These things are very important and can all be determined in advance.

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Yours Truly
Steven Ciantro
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