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Collectors Getting More Sophisticated to Protect Against Abuse Lawsuits From Debtors

I just received an email from a company called “Colombia Financial International”. The title of the email is “Protect yourself from FDCPA and FCRA lawsuits.” It is addressed to debt collectors and creditors and states that over 500 new cases against these groups are filed each month by debtors.

Here is a quote from the ad: “In partnership with Columbia Financial International, WebRecon’s FDCPA Litigant Alert empowers you to protect yourself from overly-litigious debtors by allowing you to compare FDCPA/FCRA litigants nationwide with debtors in your own database. Find out immediately if you are collecting against anybody with a history of suing collection agencies.”

Yes, they maintain a list of debtors who file lawsuits against the collection industry for abuse. As debtors become more and more knowledgeable about their rights, more lawsuits are filed and won. This makes it more and more expensive for collection companies to collect on a debt and make money. If they know they are collecting on someone who knows their way around the courts, they might be more on guard and more inclined to settle.

They also list all the new lawsuits each month, so collectors can get a feel for exactly what items are being sued for. Certainly, we cannot blame the industry for trying to protect itself. just as they cannot blame debtors for insisting that their rights not be trampled on. Generally, debtors only sue, if the collector is particularly obnoxious and impossible to deal with in a civilized and reasonable manner.

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Written By:
Steven Ciantro
Member National Association Of Credit Counselors
American Debt Enders