American Debt Enders has been helping clients get out of debt since 2006. Since our inception we have not had even one single formal valid complaint. We are strictly Consumer Advocates, always working for our client’s best interest.

Who Is Steven Ciantro and American Debt Enders

Steven Ciantro, a Certified Credit Counselor was a pioneer in the “Debt Relief” business. Through an innovative approach to Debt Relief, our “Debt Dispute Program” greatly helps people get out of debt. He was instrumental in the development of the “Debt Dispute Program” for the past 14 years with tremendous success.

American Debt Enders innovative “Debt Dispute Program” provides maximum debt relief for people in need and people whose lives are being hindered by their debt.
In these hard times, our program gives people a chance to get rid of their debt and give them a fresh start.

From the beginning, our approach is to provide ongoing counselling, legal support and credit restoration, all covered under the same program for one low monthly fee.
We have one goal in mind.

We are here to help people, no matter what your financial position is. We will carefully analyze your individual financial situation, work out a plan and help you navigate through that plan until you are debt free and your credit is restored.

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