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ADE’s experts utilize the banking and consumer protection laws in order to dispute the validity of your debt. After the information about your debt has been sold to a third party you are no longer dealing with the original creditor. Your original creditor has already been paid in full by insurance they carry against all debt. We prove that the third party is trying to collect a debt that no longer exists. We have been doing this with great success for over 15 years.

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2021: The National Debt Relief Movement Has Begun!

After the problems Americans faced during 2020, starting 2021 off by virtually eliminating debt is on the top of most people’s ‘to-do’ list.

If you are among nearly 42% of Americans currently carrying credit card debt, or if you’re generally buried up to your neck in debt, you’ve likely considered options to decrease or eliminate it.

If you research online, you may have noticed there are many companies to choose from and even more options available for your debt relief needs. Yet the more you look, the greater the task of finding debt relief can be overwhelming. For many, this creates uncertainty of what company you can trust and can often be discouraging.

Now is the time to take charge of your finances and be counted among the National Debt Relief Movement.

With the right tools and the proper knowledge, you can find the right solutions that work for your situation. If you don’t know where to begin, begin by considering this:

How did I accrue so much debt?!

Debt can sneak up on us all, whether by spending beyond your means, spending for necessities while holding out for another paycheck, or the ever-popular monthly interest charges you accrue by only paying the minimum balance, leading you further into the hole. Still, you can take certain measures to avoid unnecessary interest charges.

  • Try to make extra payments to your credit cards, loans, or financed purchases when possible. Even a few extra dollars can help you save more money and keep your payments on track in the long run.
  • Never be afraid to talk to your loaners. If you’re having trouble making payments, you aren’t alone. Given the difficulty created by COVID-19, many companies and institutions are willing to work with you, including debt settlement and payment deferral for a period of time rather than paying immediately. Depending on the arrangement, you may even keep your credit score intact.

Could I consolidate my debt?

Whether you refinance your home (if you own one) or work with your financial institution to obtain a loan, both can be useful tools to pay off your current debts at a lower interest rate, saving you both money in the long run and time in which you’ll reach your debt settlement.  However when using Consolidation Loans, all of the principle and interest must be financed and you will have to pay additional interest on top of that.  If you are struggling with your current payments, this might not be enough Debt Relief to help you out of your situation.  American Debt Enders Debt Relief programs are designed to provide “Immediate Maximum Debt Relief.”

What companies or organizations can help guide me through the process?

Many companies work toward debt relief for many Americans trying to get out from under the weight of debt. One company lending a hand in helping with national debt relief is American Debt Enders out of NY. Since 2006, American Debt Enders has been working toward the forefront. 

Once experiencing the same problems with debt relief as many Americans have, Founder Steven Ciantro has led his team to share the vast experience and multiple tools to serve you. With services like free credit counseling, debt consolidation, and debt settlement programs, they work hard to put you on the road to debt relief in fewer than five years (depending on types of debt, the longevity of debt, etc.)

To find out more of what American Debt Enders can do for you, click the link below the article and tour their website. Let them help you get on the right path.

Join the National Debt Relief Movement and take your financial future to unprecedented heights. With the proper guidance and the right tools in the palm of your hands, 2021 could be your debt-free beginning.

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Start your debt relief process, call our national agents.

Call us for any type of unsecured debt other than IRS issues, Federal Student Loans or Pay Day Loans.

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